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Strider 10:08
Reincarnated 09:24


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Astral Waves' new full-length album is a mind-bending journey through the cosmos.

The psychill beats range from 100-115 bpm, creating a psychedelic atmosphere that is both mesmerizing and transporting.
The unique sounds on the album are truly epic and add to the overall trippy experience. This album, as most music coming from Astral Waves, is tailored to give a trance-dance experience into a down-tempo mainstage dancefloor.

The artwork is also a standout feature, adding to the immersive and otherworldly vibe of the music. Highly recommended for fans of psychedelic and experimental electronic music and anyone looking for a trippy, mind-expanding listening experience.



released April 7, 2023


"Astral Waves is set to release their highly anticipated new album titled "Majestique," featuring an eclectic mix of tracks that are sure to transport listeners to a world of wonder and awe. The album begins with "Wonder & Awe," a track that features some ethereal synth pads of Lydìa, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Next up is "Sonic SourceCode," a pulsating and energetic track that draws inspiration from the pulsating beats of the universe. "Psychedelic Dreamer" takes listeners on a deeper journey through the astral planes, while "Portal to the Next Dimension" opens up a gateway to new realms of existence.

"The Miracle of Life" is a beautiful and uplifting track that celebrates the gift of existence, while "Flying Into the Mystic 2" picks up where the first installment left off, taking listeners on a soaring journey through the cosmos.

"Efflorescence 2" is a lush and atmospheric track that brings to mind the blooming of new life, while "Strider" is a more grounded and rhythmic track that draws inspiration from the movements of the natural world. The album closes with "Reincarnated," a track that explores the cyclical nature of existence and the eternal cycle of rebirth.

"Majestique" is an album that seamlessly blends elements of ambient, psychedelic, and downtempo music to create a sonic journey through the cosmos that is both awe-inspiring and deeply contemplative while retaining the spirit of the dance-floor.

Fans of Astral Waves and electronic music aficionados alike will find much to love in this new release."

♪♫ All tracks written, mixed & mastered by Gabriel D. aka DJ Zen @ Altar Records

♪♫ Except track#1 featuring Lidia Pivarski

► Image editing by Digitalys Studios, France

Offered in 24 bit studio master quality only in Bandcamp:



all rights reserved




Astral Waves music is made of feelings of the moment. Not intended to please everyone or a certain category of musical style. The music goes beyond formatted sounds and beats and goes from ambient, psy-chill, down-tempo, crossing trance and tribal shamanic grooves.. Pick up what you like! Blessings ❤ ... more

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