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"Passe une bonne nuit! "...toi aussi" surtout, surtout... "Quoi?.. "Deploie tes Ailes‼.. (rires) Tu sais la vie n'est que momentanée...Un jour Pssht! rien!" "Hoo...elle l'est, oui" -- (rires) "C'est le moment que je prefère.... C'est bizarre... Qu'est ce que tu veux dire?... "He bien..... Ecoutes!.."
-C'est moi, Bob le calme... Bob Silver, l'Oiseau de l'aube. Je suis a l'antenne très tot, vraiment très très tot, au petit matin quoi... "Hammmmh...C'est toi Bob?" -Oui! "Le bon vieux Bob!" "Et depuis quand tu es sur le bateau, Bob?" -pffff...7 mois. Chaque jour, 2 ou 3 heures du matin, jusqu'a 6 heures pile. "Bon he he alors, pourquoi on t'a jamais vu? -Ben vous savez, moi j'aime énormément la solitude, je dors aussi beaucoup, je prends pas mal de trucs, ...Immersion totale dans le vinyle tu vois...Il faut être en phase avec la musique, si tu veux donner au public ce qu'il veut....enfin ce dont il a besoin. "Amen!" -Tu comprends, toucher son coeur et son Ame...


"Astral Waves, (aka DJ Zen) founder of Altar Records, has made you ''Magnetique.'' His third studio album.

With the unforgettable help of some amazing musician friends, this long term project was carefully crafted for over 4 years in studio.
A very long process where everything had a story.

Through 8 tracks featuring the collaborations and works of Suduaya and Sukhush, Androcell's track 'Efflorescence' remixed and interspersed with Zen's own 'La Danse des Elfes' and 'Deploie tes Ailes', ''Magnetique'' unfolds good track after track. Sufi's life & Merlin, mystical ambiances from Aureohm, Alwoods and Astral Woods.

Suntrap is as brilliant as it is in cue as it sounds. Astral Woods warms the mind when it comes to playing good morning tracks. Smooth powerful drones and 4/4 kicks all in balance upon rolling bass-lines.

Astral Waves has clearly defined his sound and selected highly talented artist's.
True to his electronic music roots and evolving his arrangement in a beautifully balanced way, ''Magnetique'' is centered in stride to it's depth.
With a finish that as though waking from a dream, make this one a deeply charming addition to your collection "

Text written by Alison.


Available in 24 Bits quality :


Timing: 77'55"

A review for this album can be found here:


released March 10, 2015

W&P, mastering & artwork by Dj Zen @ Altar Records, QC, Canada.

Track #1 Written with Louis-David Roquefere aka Suduaya (Guitar) and Rachel Sacks aka Sukhush (Flute).

Track #2 W&P by Jovan Tot (Sufi's Life); Slobodan Gacesa (Merlin/Vertex) and DJ Zen.

Track #3 W&P by DJ Zen feat. Aureohm Project aka Javier Oreamuno, Costa-Rica.

Track #6 remixed with John Rigas aka Alwoods at Altar Records Studios. 'Morning mix' thoroughly revisited by DJ Zen with much love in 2015.

Track#7 W&P by Tyler Smith aka Androcell. Remixed by DJ Zen.

Track #8 W&P by DJ Zen. Featuring original samples from an Astral Woods previously unreleased track.

More information about each track and artist can be found on "info", just hover over a track name with your mouse.

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DJ Zen created Altar Records in 2009; as label chief he’s been running and managing things ever since. On top of providing DJ and live sets on demand, he also does most of the artwork and audio mastering for Altar Records. His production as Astral Waves has gathered high praise in the psychill scene, along with the numerous compilations he’s compiled and curated for Altar Records (and others...) ... more

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